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The Farmory is home to a state-of-the-art fish hatchery. In our hatchery, we hold multiple systems to produce a year-round supply of fingerlings. Our hatchery holds over 10,000 gallons of water. The hatchery contains 4 brood stock systems, a 12-tank larval system, and a raceway tank for fingerling grow-out. The Farmory specializes in percids, which is the family of fish that includes yellow perch, walleye, and sauger. Interested in purchasing some for yourself? Check out our store!

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How Order:

Go to our online store to place your order and reserve your fish. We have limited quantities of each grade and size, so we recommend ordering early to ensure availability.

Pick Up By Appointment Only:

You must make an appointment before coming to pick up your fish in the specific week they are ready to go. Once fish leave the biosecure hatchery, all sales are final and no returns will be allowed.

Materials Needed for Fish Pick Up:

Customers should be prepared to bring their own coolers or buckets. A Farmory staff person will contact you to assess your needs. Please read our resource page on transport considerations, (see Resources below).


Delivery may be arranged on a limited basis and for an additional fee of $1.50 per mile each way. Once fish leave the biosecure hatchery, all sales are final and no returns will be allowed. Prior to placing your order, please contact The Farmory to discuss your needs and we will do our best to accommodate, (see Resources below).

Notice To All Buyers:

Prior to bringing your fish home, please read our resource page on yellow perch or attend one of our online webinars. Temperature and water quality are two of many critical factors to transitioning your fish to your home pond or system. We want you to be successful, (see Resources below).

Return Policy:

Full refunds are available up to 48 hours prior to arranged pick up or delivery. For cancellations within 48 hours, a 75% refund will be issued. All sales are final once fish leave the hatchery.

Questions? Call Annie Schmitz, Hatchery Technician at (920) 544-0789 ext, 219.

Yellow Perch Store

Our yellow perch are young stock that is ready to grow to adult market size. They are not fully grown fish ready for harvest. If you have a pond or tank system, (see Resources below), you can grow out your own perch for fun or profit!

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About our Perch:

  • Biosecure: Our yellow perch have been raised from eggs in our bio-security facility. You will receive clean fingerling fish, free from parasites and pathogens.
  • Graded: The fingerlings have been graded for size. Your fish will not need to compete with bigger fish, so they will grow efficiently and not bully each other.
  • Feed Trained: The fingerlings have been raised and weaned to a commercial pelleted feed. Your fish are ready to grow, with very little food waste.
  • Green Bay Strain: Broodstock lines originate from the bay of Green Bay. You can populate your outdoor water body with the assurance that you are introducing only a native strain of fish.
  • Raised Indoors: Our fish were born in an indoor facility with noises and people. They are quite tame and easy to observe and monitor. If you have an indoor system, these fish will acclimate to your environment very quickly. They also transition smoothly and instinctively to outdoor environments.
  • Health Certified: Our fish have been evaluated by an independent and licensed vet. A copy of our health certificate is available upon request.

Grades Available:

Our fish are graded into three size grades. We have a limited quantity of perch at each grade. See our resource page for Grade and Size considerations.

  • Premium: These are the largest fish available, the top 20% in size for their cohort. The majority of these fish will be females and they will grow fast. Suitable for broodstock or a really fat fish fry.
  • Production: These fish are affordable and will grow consistently. They are a perfect choice for either production purposes or pond stocking.
  • Hobby: These fish are the smallest size for their cohort. They are the best value for people getting started in perch aquaculture.

Sizes and Dates Available:

Fish in our system grow an average of one inch per month. If you want a specific grade of fingerling at a determined size, you will need to place your order before we sell out, or the fish grow out of that size and grade. Please see our internet store to place your order. Below is our estimated availability dates for perch at various sizes.

  • 2″ – Early June
  • 3″ – June-July
  • 4″ – July-August

Licensing/Health Certification:

You are responsible for making sure you have the proper registration or permitting for your operation! In addition, if you plan to resell fish, we highly encourage you also get your own health certification. The links below will provide more information on both proper licensing for your operation and health certificates.


Health Certificates:
Locations/numbers of fish vets in WI

Feeding Your Fish:

We feed our perch a commercial pelleted feed, and recommend a grower ration of your choice that consists of 42% protein 10% lipid. To ease the transition between The Farmory’s grower ration and the ration of your choice, we recommend purchasing a quantity of feed from our store and gradually transitioning them over to the feed of your choice. Feed should be stored in a cool, dry place.

For maximum growth of your fish, we recommend you feed a ration of up to 5% of their body weight. Our fish are fed only twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. We recommend you stick to a scheduled time for feeding. Feed should be kept in a cool, dry place. The Farmory will have small bags of feed available for purchase upon request.

At The Farmory we hand feed our fish in order to monitor consumption. It is a great time for us to inspect our fish for any potential issues with their health, and observe their normal responses. Automatic feeding is very convenient however it is hard to monitor if you are feeding appropriately!

Transporting Your Fish:

Proper transportation of your fish is crucial! Below we will provide some helpful guidelines and equipment recommendations for you so you ready to pick up your fish.

  1. Container: Choose a container that is best appropriate for both your total number of fish and your mode of transportation. We recommend strong plastic garbage cans or insulated coolers of at least 30 gallons. Below is the rule of thumb for fish capacity per gallon
    a. 2-inch Fish: 12 fish per gallon
    b. 3-inch Fish: 10 fish per gallon
    c. 4-inch Fish: 5 fish per gallon
  2. Temperature: Your fish leave our hatchery at 68 degrees. For the health and safety of your fish, you will need to be able to maintain that temperature and gradually bring it to match the temperature of your water body at home. Travel times play a role into how you transport fish. Longer travel times, plus high ambient air temperature or solar gain (from an open trailer), will require an insulated container to prevent the water from heating too fast.
  3. Aeration System: Aerating your water is important! Fish need oxygen, and in stressful situations (i.e. hauling) they consume more oxygen. There are two common ways to provide oxygen to your water. The first is to use a battery powered air pump, available at fishing supply stores (better for shorter travel times). The second is to rent and inject pure oxygen (better for longer distances). Both ways will need air stones and proper hosing to disperse among all containers.
  4. Upon Arrival: Check temperature of your home water body. Perch can handle moving to relatively cooler water easier than going to warmer water. If the temperature of transport water is greater than 2 degrees difference than your home water body, you will need to gradually bring the water temp of the fish to the temp of your home water body by one degree per hour. If your home water body temperature is 72 degrees or more, contact us before transferring fish to your facility. Don’t forget to maintain aeration to your fish while adjusting temperatures.

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