FarmoryWorks Aquaculture Entrepreneur Program

The FarmoryWorks Aquaculture Entrepreneur Program is designed for those who are interested in developing their aquaculture business idea into a workable plan for the future.

Growing Food, People & Community

The Farmory is an educational urban farm that is strengthening our community and encouraging self-sufficiency through agricultural and entrepreneurial education and employment skill development.

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We invite you to explore the impact that a partnership with the Farmory can make on your community. Thank you for your support.


Produce and percids would not be possible without our commitment to education and empowerment of our programs.


A crucial part of sustainable aquaculture is the fish, yellow perch to be exact! Learn more about our beloved percids.

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The Farmory is committed to growing our community by providing access to sustainable, locally grown produce.

Learn More About Sustainable Aquaculture

Education is foundational to the work we do at the Farmory. We have an array of resources at your disposal to help cultivate a community committed to local, sustainable food—check out one of our webinars!

Get Involved

The Farmory’s Volunteerism and Service Learning programs provide individuals with defined work experiences. We have over 60 active volunteers working in a variety of capacities. Our volunteers expand their work history, learn both soft and hard employment skills, and earn scholarship or continuing education opportunities to work toward their individual goals.

I first got involved with The Farmory in January of 2020 when I began my internship, starting a mealworm farm. The Farmory has taught me more about sustainability, water quality, fish husbandry, non-profits, community engagement, etc. and I think it really complements the educational journey I was already in and nurtured a passion for the career I am heading towards. It’s been a real treat having the opportunity to further become a part of something big happening in my community.

Kenna Arnoldi


The Farmory In The News

We are passionate about growing our community. Read the latest in aquaculture and Farmory news.

Farmory Receives CCHD Funding for Innovative Benefits

Farmory Project Receives CCHD Funding for Innovative BenefitsPerch — it’s a mainstay of the Friday night fish fry in northeast Wisconsin, especially during Lent. But who knew that the perch could also provide a leg up to people striving to work their way out of...

Numerous Organizations, Sponsors & Donors help Farmory Grow

Numerous Organizations, Sponsors & Donors help Farmory GrowNumerous organizations, sponsors, and donors have helped us grow into what The Farmory is today! Today we want to give special shout-outs to three very important partnerships: UW-Green Bay and specifically...

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